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Due to technical issues the Summer and Fall issues were combined. Please find candidate Bios near the end.

Respectfully, Deb Nichols



Greetings ACBO Members,


Hope all are enjoying the nice weather spring and summer brings. Along with the nice weather, though, is the growing season, when grass grows an inch an hour, it seems. It's pretty, but when you have six acres of grass to maintain, like I do, it's not so pretty. It looks nice when it's all mowed, but by the time I get the job done, it's time to start over at the top again. It's the price I pay for living in Paradise here on the lake.


I have been busy this last winter on our behalf. I made four trips to Salem, and one recently to Portland. The Salem trips were for legislative issues, talking about the Commission for the Blind, and attending the tactile flag dedication. Last week, I went to Portland and met with the convention hotel staff, and had a very productive meeting with Darian Slayton Fleming and Ron and Sue Staley, the convention committee, and Loretta Spahn. This year, we're building our convention theme on reaching out to younger folks who are out there but do not belong to an organization. As we know, for those of us who are in our "golden years", the future belongs to the younger generation, and without them, the future of ACBO may be in peril. In that vein of thought, we are reaching out to younger people, such as students, and, we have invited as our National representative, Sara Conrad, from Michigan, a member of ACB's Board of Directors.


Sara is a young lady who has been involved in ACB for many years as a student leader, President of ACB Students, and has volunteered on many levels of National convention activities. Sara is a student at a college in Michigan with a major in special education, with a goal of becoming a middle school teacher for cognitively impaired students. She is an honor student with many awards for leadership, academics, and faith. She is very active in her community. She is an outgoing and outspoken young lady with her goals in life clearly established.


One of Sara's passions is working to close the age gap within ACB by getting younger people involved in the organization and in leadership. I think she will bring a welcome and refreshing complement to our state convention this year.


We are asking all who can to get to our hotel as early as you can on Friday, October 18, as we have some activities planned for that afternoon.


It was brought to my attention recently that one thing ACBO is lacking is leadership training, and after thinking about it, that is certainly true. I have been involved in several organizations and on several committees in the last several years, other than ACBO, and I have observed on many occasions, new members with really no experience or idea of what is expected of them, being elected or appointed to a position of leadership or decision making. While I wholeheartedly commend all people who step up and serve in a leadership role, without training by a mentor, a meeting can be turned into an unpleasant experience for the members of an organization. As President of an ACBO chapter, we want to strive not only to encourage new people to get involved, but when new people do step forward, we need to be sure they have the proper training to do a good job. It will be more rewarding to the individual as well as to your members.


Also, we, on the state level need to remember when new chapters are formed, in most instances they are formed by people who have had no previous experience in running a meeting, setting an agenda, or making sure their meetings are interesting and productive. So, while there's a lot to be said for getting the youth involved in our organization to preserve it for the future, the older ones of us can take heart knowing we have the experience that only comes with age, and we are needed to train the younger ones to take over for us.


James Edwards, President



All members who are paid and certified on the ACB membership list may attend the convention. There are sessions Friday afternoon, Friday board meeting, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning which includes voting.


The fee has gone up to $50 voted on by the board due to higher meal prices and higher gratuity. (I personally think it is still a fair price. The Rib Eye Steak is $39. ACB of Oregon does not make any profit on the meals.) The $50 fee is for Friday night pizza, Saturday lunch and Saturday banquet.


Let me say that you want to vote on Sunday morning. Complete the registration form with the “Will you attend the entire or sections of the convention with no meals: YES. Return as instructed. Stop at the registration desk Sunday morning at 8 AM; pick up your packet, and put on your badge. After the meeting, please return badge as they are recycled to save money. Easy. The same procedure applies for whatever time you can attend.


The contract with the Holiday Inn allows no outside food. You have a choice of going elsewhere, eating in their restaurant, or checking the nonmember price on the registration form for $20 Vegetable sandwich or $21 deli. Again ACB of Oregon makes no money on the meals. This is for attending Saturday morning, lunch time and Saturday afternoon.


I need the information ahead of the convention to prepare name badges and if necessary, meal tickets. We, the board members, encourage you to attend the convention.


Loretta Spahn




This is a complete list of persons who have notified the Nominating Committee of their candidacy. The Committee will make its selections and present a slate of candidates at the convention.


President: James Edwards (Lakeside)

First Vice President: Sue Staley (Portland)

Second Vice President: No candidate

Treasurer: Loretta Spahn (Klamath Falls)

Secretary: Darian Slayton Fleming (Portland)


Nomination can be submitted to the committee until October 1st to be considered by the nominating committee.


Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the convention.


Please contact any nominating committee member, if you have any nominations.


Joan Hill, Chairman

Ron Staley
(503) 255-3401

Leola Goodrich

Sharon Orchard




By Darian Slayton Fleming, Secretary


President James Edwards called the meeting to order. District Three Representative, Susin Hull, had a conflict and was not present; all other officers were in attendance. Guests present included: Dick Kohl, Joan Hill,

John Fleming, and Randy Hauth.


The minutes for January 2013 and the treasurer’s Report were accepted as presented.


District Reports followed. Several chapters are conducting fund-raisers:

The Multnomah Chapter plans a night at Burgerville on SE 11th and Hawthorne, at a date to be arranged in May. The chapter will benefit from a percentage of the restaurant’s sales. Metro PDX is planning a2014 calendar fund-raiser. They also plan to sell coffee from Mt. Hood Roasters, both ground and beans, in 12 ounce packages. Contact Darian at or Pat Wallace at (971) 400-6620. The Multnomah Chapter is producing a cookbook to sell. The Metro PDX and Multnomah Chapters plan to share the space and cost of a table at the ACB National Convention Market Place to promote their fund-raisers. Other chapters or individuals may chip into the cost of the Market Place tables if they have items they wish to sell or showcase. Contact Darian at or Sue Staley at


District Two: Jeanne-Marie Moore reported that the Willamette Chapter has been in existence for seventy-five years. The chapter has a program through which they give $20 to students who have excelled each month. John Dashney has invited TV experts to talk about how to get more publicity for their chapter. For example, they have learned that there is a List of civic meetings that runs on a cable channel; they are planning to get listed on that. They will host their usual Penny Auction-Dutch Auction on July 26 and their Christmas Party on December 13 at Salem Green. The Willamette Chapter extends an invitation to all who wish to attend these events.


District Three: Leonard reported that candy sales are low this year; they have seven cases yet to sell. They will host their summer picnic on August 17, 2013.

The Rogue Valley Chapter has four new members. They will attend a showing of “My Fair Lady” at the Shakespeare Theater in Ashland on May 26. They will host a picnic on Saturday June 29, at Riverside Park.

As far as Committee Action was concerned:

Randy Hauth gave the Legislative Report. Look for Legislative Updates on the Oregon-L E-mail List.


Randy Hauth described the ACB of Oregon Legislative Event held on March 20 at the State Capital. Blind Employment Services of Tomorrow (BEST) invited their lobbyist, Lana Butterfield, to speak with the group. Emergency funding for the commission for the Blind is on hold. Participants kept at least twenty appointments with Senators and Representatives. Constructive advocacy took place.


The Governor does not plan to overturn the decision to hire Dacia Johnson as the Executive Director of the Commission for the Blind. James asked that ACB of Oregon Members support Ms. Johnson and give her opportunities to do her job.


James reminds us that if Bylaw changes are to be considered at convention, they must be submitted to James ASAP; Bylaw changes must be reviewed by the Board in July and published in “The Stylus”.


Stylus: Production of “The Stylus” is now a team effort with Editor, Deb Nichols and Coordinator, Metro PDX Chapter Member, Teresa Christian. Joan Hill and

Loretta Spahn are also involved as membership Committee Members and for funding.


Membership: Joan Hill reported that we have 180 members. There are 112 email addresses. The breakdown includes District 1 and 2 each having 46 and district 3, 80.


Fund-raising: The committee proposed a state-wide profit-sharing night with a restaurant. They are investigating restaurant chains to try to find one that has establishments in each area where there are ACB of Oregon Chapters. They will report more at the July Board Meeting.


Convention: Sue Staley and Darian are working on door prizes and sponsors. James asked us to send him names and addresses of suggested speakers. We determined to invite Sarah Conrad to be keynote Speaker. Since the Board Meeting, we have learned that Ms. Conrad has accepted our invitation. We hope to do outreach to younger folks and hope current members will make a point of attending the convention in October. James Plans to hold a convention planning meeting in Portland in June; time and date to be announced.


Cyber Chapters: The committee has been experimenting with Skype to determine whether it is a viable option. They are encountering technical challenges and hope to have more to report in July.


Nominations: James is looking for members to serve on the Nominating committee.


Loretta and Darian have updated the ACB of Oregon Grant Application. It will be available on the website soon.


Under New Business, the Board discussed the ACB of Oregon listing on 211 info. James mentioned the June 2013 Vision Walk, organized by the Foundation Fighting Blindness. James extended an invitation to everyone to walk with him.


There was a vacancy on the Board due to Kae Seth’s resignation. We voted to appoint John Fleming to fill the position.


National Convention Delegate: James informed us that he may be unable to attend the ACB National Convention this year. The motion was made that in the event that President Edwards is unable to attend the convention,

Sue Staley would assume this position and that designated travel expenses be transferred to her. The motion carried. If President Edwards does attend the convention,

Sue Staley will serve as Alternate Delegate.


The meeting was adjourned to Executive Session to consider a grant request which was approved.



By Darian Slayton Fleming


Stay tuned to the Oregon-L E-mail list or with your Chapter President or District Representative for convention updates.


After thirteen years as ACB of Oregon's web master,

John Fleming passed the job to Pat Schwab. So, if you have anything for the Web page; up-dates, new events, chapter news, new chapter officers or meeting dates, meeting times, or meeting address changes please send them to Pat Schwab. Pat's Email address:

Pat's Phone number is: (805) 550-6333.




THANK YOU to everyone who joined us at the 6th Annual Oregon VisionWalk. We had over 230 walkers and have raised over $34,000 for sight saving research and we are still receiving checks.


As you know, VisionWalk isn't just one day, but a year round fight for sight through fundraising and awareness!



 Meeting Notes


I attended my first meeting as the ACBO representative of the TBABS Advisory Board meeting on May30, 2013. This is a four year commitment and it will be a wonderful educational opportunity for me. We meet quarterly, and I'll send you the highlights from those meetings. This was my first meeting so I may have a learning curve.


One thing I did not understand before is how important monetary donations are for operating TBABS. They provide one staff member position, as well as "enhancements," like the large print calendar, and books by Oregon authors to be read. There something called the "Irene Price Society" which consists of people who have stated their intention to remember TBABS in their wills. That is the planned giving part of the program.


The TBABS library moved into space half its size to reduce rent.


Here are the announcements I wrote down from the meeting.

1. As of February, 2013, there is a Braille Flag now at the State Library building in Salem. The Governor attended the installation ceremony and TBABS got ten minutes of his time to discuss services and needs.

2. This last April, there was a survey done and there is 97.7% satisfaction with the services provided by TBABS. Readers want more wildlife and classics, as well as more Westerns, mysteries, and books with less swearing.

3. There are now magazines on cartridges that arrive at patrons' homes and must be returned before receiving the next issue. A weekly magazine has a total “keep it” of one week and a monthly magazine has a total “keep time of three weeks. Magazines can also be downloaded from BARD.

4. Talking Book Topics is digital and the request forms are mailed separately.

5. The late-breaking and most exciting news is that eligibility (application for services) forms can be faxed or scanned in and sent by e-mail. This is a huge change from the requirement that forms had to be mailed to be accepted. Next (but not for awhile) will come electronic signatures.

6. Contracts have been signed with publishers to add new audio selections to NLS available books and will be available on BARD before they reach local libraries. Back audio collections will be added to the NLS inventory and they will all be available on BARD.


There was a lot of discussion about the budget and it is pretty extensive so I'll just focus on one thing today: The Newsline Service provided through the National Federation of the Blind (NFB). Currently, there are three newspapers read: the Statesman Journal, the Eugene Register Guard, and the Oregonian. The cost to TBABS is$11,000 per year. The Commission for the Blind pays $11,000 a year, and the NFB of Oregon pays $6,000 a year. To add a new newspaper, it costs $10,000 for the first year and $5,000 for each additional year. There are 850 people signed up for NFB newsline through the TBABS process, and only 200-250 "hits" (people calling into the phone line) a month right now. There are also many magazines and papers from other places available on Newsline. Currently, there is not enough money to add any new papers.




Any current paid member of ACB of Oregon may obtain copies of the treasurer’s report of our organization.


You can email a request to I will send reports to your email address.


I can also be contacted at ACB of Oregon, PO Box 121, Klamath Falls, OR 97601. If you do not have a computer, please indicate what size font is needed and I will mail you a printed copy. I will need your mailing address on the request.


My home telephone number is 541-882-0854. There is an answering machine. Eventually I answer all messages.

This is your organization and I appreciate your input.



(Abbreviated Excerpts from Dr. Steve Rose)


Retinal Regeneration is an Audacious Goal of the National Eye Institute. Through funding by the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB) researchers identified the MERTK gene that causes retinitis pigmentosa and led to the human study now underway.


A study of people with autosomal recessive retinitis pigmentosa (MERTK mutations) is taking place at King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital in Saudi Arabia. It was found that MERTK played a critical role in the maintenance of photoreceptors, the cells that make vision possible.


After nearly 15 years of Foundation-funded research, a gene therapy for MERTK-linked retinitis pigmentosa is being evaluated in people. Six patients have been treated thus far, and they are doing relatively well.


While it is too early to make a definitive judgment about the treatment’s safety or efficacy, two patients have demonstrated some vision improvement, which is reason for cautious optimism. Time will ultimately reveal the treatment’s true potential.




Klamath Chapter

By Loretta Spaan


The Klamath Chapter is a meeting of long-time friends. We are a small group, but enjoy the monthly meetings at the Red Rooster for a meal and a short business meeting. Since the first meeting in September, we have had no speakers and no fund raisers. Barbara Carlson is our president and I am the chapter secretary. One out-of-town member and his brother-in-law drive in for the meeting. Normally, I transport the rest of the members. Usually the chapter funds the president to attend the state convention; Barbara unfortunately was sick on the departure day last year. The chapter is interested in new developments for blind and visually impaired people supplied by Joan Hill, chapter treasurer. The chapter is also interested in ACB of Oregon information. ACB of Oregon is working on ways to attract new members which hopefully will also affect our chapter.


Metro PDX Chapter News

By Darian Slayton Fleming


Metro PDX Chapter has been in existence for three years now. In the past year we have gained several new members, elected new officers and made awesome progress in pursuing our mission.


Our website is current and reflects our work. You can read our meeting minutes and view “The Work of Metro PDX at


Some of us attended a legislative day, organized by member, Randy Hauth.

We spoke with senators and representatives about the Commission for the Blind funding issue, the need for funding for the NFB Newsline, a bill pertaining to service animals and issues affecting business managers who are blind.


We’re already planning for White Cane Day 2013. We hope to share more about our plans in the next issue of “The Stylus”.


We are gearing up for three fund-raisers. Again we’ll be selling 2014 Insights Calendars produced by the American Printing House for the Blind. The calendar will feature members of our chapter posing for a street crossing with the tag line “Moving boldly forward-unstoppable! The calendars will sell for $15 and they will be available beginning in July 2013.


We’ll also be selling coffee from a local company, Mt. Hood Roasters. The coffee is available ground or Beans in 12 ounce packages for $10.


The Metro PDX and Multnomah Chapters are partnering with others to take our fund-raisers to the ACB national convention. We will showcase our products at the ACB Market Place, a new program which is less costly than participating in the exhibit hall that gives affiliates exposure and a chance to promote their fund-raisers. If your chapter or business has materials or products for sale, you may arrange with Darian Fleming,; or Sue Staley,; to take your goods to the convention and showcase them at the Market Place; you will be asked to contribute a percentage of the cost of our table at the Market Place.


Member, Sherrie Woods, heads up our social activities. We meet monthly for dinner at various restaurants, just for fun. Members of the Multnomah Chapter and potential members are invited.


The Metro PDX and Multnomah Chapters are beginning to partner and share activities. It is our hope that chapter collaboration will enable us to expand our advocacy efforts and do more outreach to Portlanders who are blind.


In early 2014, we plan to host a dessert auction. Stay tuned for more details.


The chapter is also exploring partnerships with Wal-Mart and Nike. These companies provide volunteers to nonprofits and match their hours with funds. We hope to involve volunteers in a reader project we are developing and in state convention activities in October.

Multnomah on The Move

By Sue Staley, President


Greetings from Portland:


Join the Multnomah Chapter for lunch and business meeting the fourth Saturday of the month from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Golden Touch Restaurant, 8124 SW Barber Blvd. Portland, Oregon.


I am happy to report that on June 8, we had a very successful fund-raising event at Burgerville in the Hawthorne district of Portland. Along with the food, fun, and great music all three chapter presidents in the Portland area, as well as several ACBO members attended. A portion of the funds raised will be used to support students coming to the state Convention. I issue a challenge to all chapters, to consider meeting our challenge. We plan to have two more fund-raisers at Burgerville on Sunday, August 4 from 12 to 3 p.m. and Sunday, October 6, from 11 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The address is 1122 SE Hawthorne Blvd. If you are in the area, we’d like you to stop by.


We are also working on a cookbook which should be available for purchase in July. Stay tuned for a further announcement.


The Multnomah chapter looks forward to seeing all of you at our state Convention October 18 to 20.





President James Edwards called the meeting to order at 9:02 A.M. All officers were present along with several guests. The April 2013 minutes were approved with corrections. The treasurer’s report was also accepted and will be made available to anyone who requests it from Loretta Spahn.


Correspondence was received including a note to James from Libby Barsden at OHSU about the need for an organization to find an adaptive way to reuse Howard hall on the old campus of the Oregon School for the Blind.


District Reports were given. District 1 Representative, Sue Staley, reported she is having difficulty reaching Tom Somerville; when he reads this it would be helpful if he could contact Sue at (503) 255-3401 or at The rest of her report is included in Chapter News in this publication.


District 2: Jeanne-Marie Moore reported that the Willamette Chapter was holding their summer picnic/Penny Auction on July 26th.


District 3: Susin Hull reported that the Southwestern Chapter will have their summer picnic on August 24 at Sunset Beach. Dunes Park is in recess for the summer.


Ron Whelchel reported about the Rogue Valley’s well attended lunch and attendance at “My Fair Lady”; 30 members and friends attended. They held a Picnic/and penny auction on June 29 which James attended.


Committee reports were given. Only a few highlights are given here, as other sections of this newsletter contain additional information.


Commission for the Blind Report: Patricia Kepler reported that the commission budget was approved. They are hiring two tech staff. They are evaluating the Industries for the Blind operations and improving the appearance for a better working environment.


She also reported that, due to an oversight, the Governor did not appoint new Commissioners in June. This will be done, hopefully, in the Fall. The next Commission Board Meeting is scheduled for July 26 at 3:00.


Fund-Raising: We are still exploring options for the Restaurant Profit Sharing Plan. We have decided to work with chapters to find facilities in their local communities. Members of the Fund-Raising Committee, and of the Board, may be asked to provide hands-on support at these events.


Membership: Joan urged us to send in any membership changes for convention registration accuracy.


Be sure to note the 2013 convention plans mentioned in this publication. Stay tuned to the Oregon-L List and your mail boxes for more information and registration forms as they become available.





The 2013 ACB Conference/Convention took place in Columbus, Ohio. Oregon members who attended included Michael Alvarez from the Multnomah Chapter and Darian and John Fleming from the Metro PDX Chapter. Michael Alvarez served as Oregon’s delegate. He did a wonderful job checking with us about our preferences for voting and being in place when it was time to vote.


Oregon had a scholarship winner in attendance as well. Her name is Leslie, and she lives in Eugene. She will be attending classes on line with a university in Colorado. Leslie was elected to the ACB Students Board, and she hopes to attend our state convention in Portland this coming October.


Several ACB achievements were celebrated including Weight Watchers’ commitment to making its web site and materials accessible; the completion of the WIPO Treaty regarding Copyright laws and progress made with Google, Apple and Face Book accessibility.


For those of you who knew Brenda Dillon, an enthusiastic and vibrant member of ACB, we are saddened to report that she passed away on July 11th. Brenda was instrumental in making several fund-raisers successful. She was a positive role model and mentor. She will be missed by all who felt her spirit and energy.


On a happy note, Kim Charlson, who got her start in Oregon, and now living in Watertown, Mass., was elected to be the 11th president of the ACB. Kim Charlson is the director of the Braille and Talking Book Library at the Perkins School for the Blind and has been the organization’s first vice president for six years. Charlson has been heavily involved in advocacy efforts at the local, state and national levels for many years, including efforts to increase the number of talking ATMs nationwide and to promote audio description in theaters and on television. Ms. Charlson has also served as the president of several ACB affiliates, including the Braille Revival League, Guide Dog Users, Inc., and the Bay State Council of the Blind.

"It is truly an honor to be elected ACB president,” Charlson said. “The support I have already received from the membership has been very rewarding and totally amazing. There is so much advocacy work to do, and I am grateful that so many people want to help work on all of these important issues."

Elected to serve with her are Jeff Thom of Sacramento, Calif.; first vice president; Marlaina Lieberg of Burien, Wash., second vice president; Ray Campbell of Glen Ellyn, Ill., secretary; and Carla Ruschival of Louisville, Ky., treasurer. David Trott of Talladega, Ala., and Patrick Sheehan of Silver Spring, Md. were elected to the board of directors.


More information about the national convention will be shared at the ACB of Oregon Convention in October or you may go to to listen to the meetings.

TALKING Prescriptions ARE HERE

By Joan Hill

Walmart now offers ScripTalk, Talking Prescription Containers with prescriptions filled by Walmart. Mail order customers across the country, and at 33 in-store locations may use this service. More details, including how to order by phone from anywhere in the U.S., and a list of in-store locations are available at:


To order, call Walmart toll free at 1-888-227-3403.


After you have contacted Wal-Mart you will need to contact En-vision America to order your free reading device at: 855-773-2579.

 The Veteran Administration is also using this system.

Personal Testimonial:
I have been using this system for years now and it's really great to be able to read what's in each bottle and how to take it. It really is a good thing. Try it.

John Fleming


Self Defense for the Blind

By Miranda Brown, US Secretary


The 1Touch Self Defense Project benefits individuals who struggle with uncomfortable situations, feel isolated and or unsafe at times, have difficulty with orientation and mobility, dexterity, socialization, or feel secluded from recreational activities or lack self-confidence. The 1Touch(tm) is the first comprehensive descriptive, hands-on, self-defense system designed specifically for the blind. 1Touch(tm) addresses the physical and psychological causes of insecurity and vulnerability. Learning these techniques has proven highly effective in the development of many required skills related to visual impairments/blindness. The self-defense techniques are fully accessible and designed for practicality.

 The purpose and orientation of the 1Touch Project is to create sustainable schools and workshops across America that address the needs of the blind community. Creating the forum to examine what makes us secure or insecure in everyday life allows us to address and gain control of some of our otherwise unaddressed fears.

 We are training blind and sighted coaches who through certification can go on to present demos, hold introductory seminars, and workshops in their communities. This course is presented as seminar training with an amount of hours required for completion and a final examination.


If you are interested or have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. Alternative formats of information are also available upon request. On the 1Touch(tm) website (

There, you can get more information, and read testimonials on the empowerment that are participants feel after taking this course and how it has changed their lives.

You may also phone (319) 759-8980. Please also contact us if you would like to be contacted when we have an introductory workshop in your area.





My name is Sue Staley, and I am proud to announce my candidacy for First Vice-President in the greatest consumer organization of the blind, The American Council of the Blind (ACB), and our affiliate, The American Council of the Blind of Oregon, (ACBO).


Who is Sue Staley?


I am a graduate of San Jose State University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Journalism and yes, I’ll even tell you the year, 1973!


In 2011, I received my grant writing certification from the Grantsmanship Center.


I owned my own business QUIKSCRYBE INC. for 24 years, and I am sure some of you received some of the documents we produced.


I have been a member of ACB for over 30 years, and have served every chapter officer and/or committee membership. I am always willing to lend a hand to members.


I am currently retired, but pursue volunteer work including, serving as the Multnomah Chapter ACGBO, district rep 1 ACBO, current convention coordinator and board member of the Beaverton Lions Club.


I also enjoy hiking, and entertaining friends at my home.


I believe the most important role of serving as Vice-President, is to represent the President, the Executive Board, and the membership.


Some of the goals I would like to attain if I am elected are:

Expanding our fund-raising efforts, working with our legislatures, and educating employers as to the advantage of employing blind and visually impaired persons.


I thank you for considering my candidacy and look forward to serving ACBO membership as we all strive for the betterment of blind and visually impaired persons.


Feel free to contact me at

503-255-3401 or e-mail me at





I am pleased to declare my intention to run for secretary of the American Council of the Blind of Oregon (ACB of O) for the 2014-2015 term. I have excellent computer skills, and I read and write Braille fluently. I also enjoy creative writing. This record of my writing skills as well as my long-time involvement in and understanding of the American Council of the Blind demonstrate my qualifications for this position.


As a member of the Oregon Student Chapter of the ACB of O, I organized three annual, successful tandem-bike-a-thon fund-raisers. I attended several national conventions in those early years.


I rejoined the American Council of the Blind in the late 1990’s. Then future President of the ACB, Mitch Pomerantz, appointed me to his Employment Task Force and submitted my name to the Resolutions Committee. I served on the Resolutions Committee for four years which involved long and tedious late-night hours word-smithing proposed resolutions and making them suitable for reading to the convention assembly. During that time, I assisted the Visually Impaired Veterans of America (VIVA) in writing a resolution directing the Blinded Veterans Association and the Veterans Administration to make appointment reminders, treatment instructions and other documentation available to blinded Veterans in alternative formats. This resolution passed on the ACB floor.


As a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) and a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) I joined the ACB Human Service Professionals and served for three years as their Program Coordinator. This position involved writing articles about that affiliate’s events for the student newspaper and writing information for the Convention Scopes and programs. Following that position, I was elected to serve as the President.


On the local level, I served for four years as editor of “The Stylus.” I assist the current editor of this publication as well. I served two terms as President of ACB of Oregon’s Multnomah Chapter and was active on the former Pedestrian Safety Alliance; planned White Cane Day activities and participated in fund-raising.


I have served several times on the ACBO convention planning committee procuring sponsors and door prizes, and coordinating volunteers. I also authored, produced and performed in “Louis Braille Jeopardy”, a light-hearted skit that preceded lunch during the 2009 convention.


In 2010, I joined ACB of Oregon’s newest chapter, Metro PDX, where I now serve as President; serve as Membership Chair and assist with White Cane Day planning and fund-raising.


Also in 2010, I joined the Blinded Veterans Association (BVA) Oregon Lower Columbia Regional Group and was elected to serve as President of their local Auxiliary. In this capacity, I help plan and implement educational activities and White Cane Days. I also serve on the national Auxiliary Board as Reporter submitting quarterly articles for the BVA Bulletin.


Outside of my involvement in blindness and disability organizations, I have been a member of a women’s philanthropic organization, Delta XI, a chapter of the Epsilon Sigma Alpha (ESA) International. Delta XI assists St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital through fund-raising. This group also provides services to local nonprofits including Independent Living Resources. Delta XI members were among the volunteers who worked at the 2009 ACB of Oregon convention. As a member of Delta XI, I held various positions including two years as Recording Secretary and two years as Education Coordinator.


I am also active on various committees at Rose City Park United Methodist Church in Portland. I have served several terms on the Education, Staff Parish (the Personnel Committee), and on the Inclusive Ministry Committees. I have organized several successful bike-a-thon fund-raisers that benefit church education programs.


In many of my advocacy and civic activities, my peers have encouraged me to continue in these roles of responsibility. Employers have complimented me on my report writing, timely follow-through and organizational skills. I look forward to serving again as secretary of the ACB of Oregon.



I, Loretta Spahn, am running for a second term of treasurer of ACB of Oregon. There was much to learn the first term and I want to continue learning and improving in the second term.


June of 2012, I went to Portland, Oregon and meet our Investment Executive servicing our account, Gregory Jacobs, at Wedbush. ACB of Oregon continues to accept his advice. Two bonds matured and he had no bonds to recommend each time. I have diversified into equities and asked questions about every decision that I have made. This has resulted in income.


By July of 2012, our organization had received no funds from the vehicle donation program. I made a conservative budget for 2013. This year I have located the contact person and changed our vehicle donation program. We are no longer paying for advertising that resulted in debt and continue our long term relationship with them. I wrote and printed new brochures for ACB of Oregon and ordered inserts from the vehicle donation program. Each chapter will be receiving both. ACB of Oregon website has the information. Please keep verbally spreading the word about donation.


In the monthly treasurer’s report the Wedbush Morgan Market value as of the last date received is itemized. Each person can also see the Total Endowment Fund is $340,000 and compare the figures. This is a change for the treasurer’s report for member’s current information. Another change is that the AVI fund and part of the reserve money is in a different bank. Many members were confused when the AVI money was within the same account as operating funds. I want to emphasize that all AVI money is only used for grants and now the small amount of interest is added to the AVI account. There are so many changes in banking; I like the security of two banks for our reserve money. Another change in the treasurer’s monthly report is that the Profit and Loss Statement for each category is in alphabetical order for easier reference.


The treasurer’s report is open to all members of ACB of Oregon. If you wish a copy, email Also you may mail a request to Loretta Spahn, Treasurer, PO Box 121, Klamath Falls, OR 97601.


I would appreciate your vote.




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