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President’s Message
By Bev Rushing

Spring is almost here and we held our April board meeting here in Salem. It turned out to be about the longest board meeting I have chaired. Due to state of the economy, our budget is really tight and the board had some difficult decisions on how best to make the funds stretch. Since people are driving their vehicles one more year, the checks from the Vehicle Donation Program aren’t nearly as large as they’ve been in years past. Be sure to remind your secretaries to read the state board meeting minutes at your chapter meeting. A lot of work goes into preparing these minutes and they contain a lot of information. I did want to add that Carol Lohse, representing the Oregon State School for the Blind, was our speaker at the board meeting. She presented a good description of the new mentor program between their students and the blind community. They hope to have this up and running in the next year. This program may be of interest to some of you.

I regret to write that we recently lost a beloved member of our ACB of O family. We extend our deepest sympathy to Helen Surfass and the family on the passing of Elwood. Both Helen and Elwood have been very active in the Southwestern Chapter, as well as the State. Elwood was always ready to help when needed. He ran the Bingo game that Southwestern had as a fund-raiser for many years, as well as being on the committee of the Bingo Center in Portland until it closed. Helen has been an officer on our State board for a number of years, until health problems caused her to have to step down.

Our next Board of Director’s Meeting will be held the last Saturday in July, July 26th, at St. Johns Lutheran Church in Salem. Except for executive session, these are open meetings, so everyone is welcome to attend. At this meeting we may have to visit or revisit some to the issues we discussed or passed. After returning home and discussing our financial situation, Bob and I are a little worried as the extra funds being available for our upcoming convention. Each time we discuss the convention at the board meetings, someone has the idea of giving the membership a little more on the freebie side. I am well aware that a longer convention is a little more expensive for the membership, however we are not able to make it easier for everyone, financially. We do think the longer convention will have more useful information for everyone. Some of the issues, people consider the responsibility of the State, could be handled by the individual chapters. As you may well remember during our lean years, individual members gave money to the council and also paid their own meal, lodging and travel to the board meetings. Discuss this at your chapter meetings. I think some will begin to realize our problem, and start helping their members, to attend the convention, on the local level.

Klamath Chapter News
By Glenn Keep

Greetings good friends. It doesn’t seem possible that spring is upon us once again. As usual, however, the season has been a busy one for the Klamath Chapter. Several members of the Klamath Guide Dog puppy raisers and their dogs attended our February meeting. The experience provided a unique opportunity for the young people in the program, to see first hand, the many benefits that working dogs bring to their companions. One young lady, who was preparing to give up her puppy upon completion of training, was comforted when she saw what a difference the working dogs in our group, made for their companions. The occasion also provided the opportunity for dog and puppy socialization.

We had the good fortune to have two informative speakers at our March meeting. Tami Martin, the new director for our local office of Spokes Unlimited, informed the group of changes in their organization and how they have been affected by state budget cuts.

Our second speaker was Klamath Chapter member John Boyce, who is a commissioner for the Oregon Commission for the Blind. His report brought the group up to speed on changes at the Commission as well as problems associated with reduced state funding.

Karl Baker, OCB Rehabilitation Counselor, was the speaker at our April meeting. Karl is responsible for skills assessment, mobility training and general skills training for the visually impaired in our area. He also spoke of changes and how they affect us. Karl has a great sense of humor and everyone enjoyed his presentation.

Our political agenda, with a focus on pedestrian safety and public education remains the same. Change, however, as we continue to learn, does not always happen quickly. Nevertheless, it does not occur at all if people are not aware that problems exist. We are still committed to making our local transit system safer and more accessible for disabled passengers. Several of our members have been regular guests at the transit board meetings. One of our members, Glenn Keep, is running in the May elections for an open position on the board.

The installation of Klamath’s first audible crosswalks moving ahead slowly and the first pole of the intersection is in place and we are looking forward to completion of the project. We are closely monitoring planned roadwork for the summer in order to continue our lobbying efforts for the addition of other audible crossings.

Plans for the future include attending an Ashland Shakespearean play with members from the Rogue River Chapter in June. We would also like to take this opportunity to invite ACBO members throughout the state to attend our Penney Auction and Picnic in June. The event will be held June 21 and promises to be fun for all.

Multnomah Chapter News
By Patty Bessant

Here we are in the midst of spring with its abundant, brilliant beauty. Some of us are planting and weeding, hoping to perpetuate this glory.

Jerry DeLaunay visited our meeting updating information about board activities. Jerry speaks so well and has good information at hand.

Donna Green from Portland Traffic Signal Department spoke to us in February. Funding for audible signals in our city has dried up, but this is not forever. We are encouraged to call Donna to give suggestions about needed audible pedestrian signals. We have gained much and know when moneys are once more available there will be support from the city.

We voted to send a check to Talking Book and Braille Service; the library is very important to all of us.

We are thankful that David Becker is doing so much better. He and his wife, Glenys, came to our April meeting; his cheerful attitude and strong faith are ever present. His grandson is back at home, in Idaho; we wish him well in his recovery.

We were saddened to hear of Jean McLaren’s passing due to congestive heart failure on April 6, 2003. She lived, for the past several years, in a foster home and will be missed by chapter members and friends alike.

Rogue Valley Chapter News
By Bob Matti

News for “The Stylus” from the Rogue Valley Chapter may become non-existent because our writer/editor Sue L’Espearance has moved back to Indiana to be near her children and grand children.

The passing of long time member Clarence “Hank” Henry in February saddened us all. Our condolences go out to Evelyn and the rest of the family.

We will hold our annual picnic on June 21 at Riverside Park and hereby extend an invitation to members of other ACBO Chapters.

We have reservations made for three plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. They will all be with descriptive video.

Southwestern Chapter News
By Charlotte Noddin

Our chapter members are getting use to meeting in the daytime instead of evening. Some miss the potlucks but others enjoy eating at the Chinese restaurant.

In February member Irvin McGregor passed away. In April Elwood Serfass succumbed to cancer. He was a member for twenty years and wore many chairman hats. Elwood will be greatly missed by every one.

Enough (proper spelling?)-See’s candy bars have been sold to sponsor Tommy Puckett, 11 years old, to Oral Hull’s summer camp for children in August. Tommy is very excited, as he has never attended a camp or been around other visually impaired children.

Our last chapter meeting will be in May. We will resume our meetings in September. We pray that every one will have a pleasant and safe summer.

Membership News
By Joan Hill

A warm welcome is extended to the 68 new members of the ACB of Oregon. It is our hope that you will become involved in all our many activities. Be sure and let the chapter and board officers know what your interests are. Our membership count is currently 321 members strong. I want to thank all of you for sending in your corrections, please keep up the good work and let your chapter officers know of any corrections. Each chapter received electronic and paper membership lists. Let us know if you are not receiving your publications.

We want to send our deepest sympathy to the families and friends of loved ones who have died.

Deceased members: Mildred Gibbens, Willamette chapter; Clarence Henry, Rogue Valley chapter; Lois Luscomb, Emerald Chapter; Irven McGregor Southwestern Chapter; Jean McLaren, Multnomah Chapter; Florence Oppelt, South Coast Chapter; David Sandstrom, Willamette Chapter; Elwood Serfass, Southwestern Chapter;

Just a reminder to those of you who requested the national Braille Forum by e-mail, you will have to go to the National web site to get that format set up. It must come from your own email address. Subscribe or unsubscribe to the Braille Forum: Read the Braille Forum on-line:

First-Timer’s Award

How about attending the 2004 National ACB convention in Birmingham, Alabama?

ACB of Oregon provides funding for a first-time attendee of the ACB National convention which includes travel, lodging and $300 for expenses. The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage attendance at the national convention and to encourage members to take on leadership roles in our state.

The recipient is responsible for giving a report to his/her chapter and to the membership at the state convention.

To qualify, you must be an active ACB of O. member for at least one year and never been to an ACB National Convention.

Please direct letters to Patty Bessant, 2834 NE 52nd Ave., Portland, OR 97213. Please describe why you wish to attend the convention. The winner will be announced at the state convention in October, 2003. Start thinking now. It could be you.

State Convention News
By Charlotte Noddin

Remember to mark your calendar for the ACB of Oregon State Convention. Draw a circle around October 16, 17 & 18. This is election year for new state officers, so you need to be there to place your votes. Make reservations at the Ramada Inn, 225 Coburg Road, Eugene, Oregon 97401.The telephone number is (541) 342-5181. Room track #3342.

As this will be a two & a half day convention, the committee hopes to have more exhibitors, a tour, Bop-it tournament, etc. There will be more information about these ideas in the fall newsletter.

Call to Explore Radio Programming
By Gregg Welch

If you are not exploring radio you’re missing out on a lot of great programs on AM radio. Here is a sampling of radio programs from help for the disabled to advocacy to politics to news to free legal advice to things that go bump in the night. This programming is heard in the Portland-Vancouver metro area and is available on the Internet. If you need a radio enhancer, you may want a C. Crane Co. catalog to order on at 1-800-522-8863. These are just some of the great programs available:
KTLK 620 AM offers Monday through Friday: 5 to 6 am Bloomberg Financial Advise, 6 to 7 pm Jim Cramer’s Real Money, Financial advice or politics all other times. Saturday from 5 to 6 am is Comedy, Noon to 3 pm is Handel on the Law, 3 to 8 pm is Dr. Dean Edel.

KXL 750 AM offers Monday through Friday: 9 to 4 pm News and Politics (also Sporadic Blazer games). Saturday from 9 to noon The Garden, Noon to 1 pm Cooking, 1 to 3 is Money Talk, 6 to 9 pm Computers. Sunday from 7:30 to 8 am Jim Bohanen, 8 to9 am is CBS News, 9:30 to 10 pm America on the Road, 10 to Midnight Travel Show.

KPDQ 800 AM and 93.7 FM offers Christian Radio. Monday through Friday at 6:58 am, 11:02 am, 8 pm Focus on the Family, 6:18 pm is 12-Step Recovery, 6:29 am the Wonderful World of Radio with Dr. Charles Stanley daily, 2:30 am and 8 am, 9 pm Chuck Swindol, 4 am, 11:33 am, James Kennedy, 7:30 pm Odyssey. Saturday 5 am Focus on the Family, 10 am to 4:30 pm Alternative Medicine, 5 to 6 pm Charles Swindol, 6 to 6:30 pm Dr. Charles Stanley. Sunday 4pm Trinity Bible Hour.

KPAM 860 AM offers Monday through Friday: 9 to Noon Clark Howard, advocate and financial superstar; Noon to 3 pm Sean Hannity, 10 to 1 am Dr. Joy Browne, Personal Advice; 1 to 4 am Victoria Taft. Saturday from 5 to 6 am Sean Hannity, 8 to 9 am Real Estate Radio Hour, 9 to 11 am Gardening with Jolly Butler, 11 to 1 pm Handy Randy Home Improvement, 4 to 7 pm Neil Bootz, 7 to 9 pm Gardening, 9 to 10 Imagination Theatre, Sunday from 9 to 10 am Animal Planet, 10 to 11 am Family Survival, 1 to 5 pm The Dolans with financial information

KTOK 1089 AM offers Monday through Friday: Most programming is a bit off color and can be offensive. Weekend programming is a bit more palatable. 5 to 10 am Imus in the Morning, 10 to Noon Phil Hendrie (R Rated Humor), 3 to 7 pm Tom Leykis, 7 to 10 Phil Hendrie. Saturday 6 to 7 am Outback Angler, 7 to 8 Handyman, 8 to 10 am Computer Time, 10 to 11 am Neighborhoods on Trail, 11 to Noon In the Drivers Seat, Noon to 1 pm Dining, 1 to 3 pm The Movie Show. Sunday 6:30 to 7 am Voice of Prophecy, 4 to 5 pm Smart Fitness, 8 to 11 pm Ground Zero.

KEX 1190 AM Monday through Friday: Paul Harvey at 5:40 am, 7:40 am, 12:12 pm, and 4:40 pm. 9 to Noon Rush Limbaugh, 1 to 4 pm Dr. Laura, 7 to 10 pm Trouble Shooter Tom Martino (consumer advocate, 10 to 5 am Coast To Coast (formerly Art Bell). Saturday 5 to 6 am ABC Perspective, 8 to 10 am Garden Doctor, 10 to Noon Mr. Fixit, 12:30 Car Clinic, 6 to 5 am Coast to Coast. Sunday 5 to 6 am Focus on the Family, 3 to 8 pm Dr. Dean Edel, 8 to 5 am Coast to Coast.

KBNP 1410 AM offers Monday through Friday: 5 to 6 am Money’s Edge, 6 to 7 am Money Matters, 3 to 4 pm Investors Edge, 7 to 10 pm On-Line Tonight. Saturday from 10 to 11 am is Oregon Technology Radio, 11 to 1 pm Bullet Proof Future, 1 to 3 Money pit, 6 to 7 pm Republican Radio. Sunday from 2 to 3 pm Entrepreneurs, 3 to 5 On A Roll (Program for the Disabled), 5 to 7 is Dining, 11 to 1 am Sci-Fi.

KKAD 1550 AM offers daily: 6 to 10 am Dr. Joy Browne, 10 to Noon the Dolans, Noon to 3 pm Clark Howard, 3 to 6 pm Dave Ramsey, 6 to 9 Bruce Williams, 9 to Midnight Jeff Rense “Sightings”, Midnight to 5 Joey Reynolds, 5 to 6 am The Wall Street Journal.

By Bob Rushing

At our April 19, 2003, board meeting, there was quite a bit of interest in increasing our costs for the convention. The Board passed a motion to have free busses to the convention in October. As, our source of income is declining; I have completed an estimate of all the ESTIMATED Income and the ESTIMATED cost for the convention. The results are not good. If we pay the bills committed, such as bookkeeping, phone and business expenses, to keep the organization functional, along with the costs of attending the A.C.B. Convention and our state convention in October, we run the risk of going in the red. This does not allow for any further grants, as well as surprises that always come along. Therefore, at the July Board Meeting, we must make a few adjustments. These adjustments may require a registration fee to the Convention as well as a fee to ride the busses. I do realize that the membership would like to have the convention at a price where everyone could attend. At the present time my calculations are on an estimated attendance of 120 members attending. If this number is increased, we will find ourselves in financial difficulty.

I might as well lay it on the line. Chapter officers were elected to do a job for the chapters. The responsibility of officers to the organization is to keep their Chapter members informed on all issues that confront the State as a whole. The State Officers are responsible to the Chapters, and the Chapter Presidents are responsible to pass information onto their members and take surveys, such as how many members will be taking a bus to the convention. This is the only organization that expects the state officers to do the jobs of the chapter officers. Committee chairs do a wonderful job and are responsible to report to the board and on some occasions send information to the membership, such as convention registration form etc. Committee chairs should not be doing the job of the chapter officers.

I have watched this operation, since 1994, the easy out appears to be, to let the state officers do all of the worrying and work for the organization. Chapter presidents should be making contact with their members. I believe it is time for all of us to grow up and work together for the good of the organization.

State Officers

President: Bev Rushing
4730 Auburn Rd. N.E., Space #52
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 362-4151

Past President: John Fleming
106 NW "F"
PMB #258
Grants Pass, OR 97526
(541) 846-6981

1st Vice Pres.: Bob Johnson
4915 Swegle Rd. NE #69
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 361-8693 2nd Vice Pres.: Ed Ripplinger
4730 Auburn Rd. NE, Space 91
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 391-7114

Secretary: Gery Hallisy
746 Browning Ave., SE
Salem, Oregon 97302
(503) 364-5561

Treasurer: Bob Rushing
4730 AuburRd. NE, Space #52
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 362-4151

District Rep. #1: Jerry DeLaunay
Golden Hours Radio
7140 SW Macadam Ave.
Portland, OR 97219
(503) 293-1902

District Rep. #2: James Edwards
1075 Laurel Ave.
Reedsport, OR 97467
(541) 271-1226

District Rep. #3: Jan Chance
1505 Madison, Space #67
Klamath Falls, OR 97603

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