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*** A note from the new Editor


I want to thank Deb Nichols for doing such a great job while she was editor; it was a pleasure working with her. She was extremely dedicated and conscientious in spite of simultaneously dealing with many technical and personal issues. She was always pleasant and cheerful no matter how much pressure she was under and that is truly impressive. Thanks Deb for a great experience!


Although I have been a member of ACB since 1990, I am somewhat new on the ACB of Oregon scene; I arrived in Portland in December 2012. Having the opportunity to coordinate the production of the Stylus for the past year and a half has given me the chance to get to know more ACBO members than I otherwise would have had. I would like to change the format of the Stylus some what and would like your input; what kind of information would you like to read? While I am awaiting your thoughts and ideas about what you would enjoy for content, I will do my best to deliver an interesting and informative newsletter.


I sent out in the Oregon-L list that all submissions for the fall issue would be put into a drawing for a $20 Amazon gift card and that the winner would be announced in this issue. There were some really great submissions and due to space constraints there was not room to include all of them, however all names were included in the drawing. To find out who won this time keep reading.


The December Stylus will have another drawing and this time it will be a $20 gift card for Walmart, just in time for Christmas woohoo! So put your thinking caps on and be sure to get your name in the next drawing. Remember every one who submits something, whether it is included in the issue or not, will be put into the random drawing. Also if you submit, for example, three items, your name will go in the drawing three times. Remember the submission date for the December issue is November 25th.


I will do my best to create an informative and entertaining newsletter for all of you.


Teresa Christian, the happy editor


*** A note from our president about the state convention in October


Greetings, I hope you all had a great summer! On the coast where I live, we've had a very pleasant summer, with weather ranging in the 60's and 70's, or, about 20 degrees cooler than where some of you live. It's September now, with October and our state convention just around the corner.


This convention will, I believe, be yet another good one! We have the pleasure of enjoying the company of Cindy Van Winkle, the President of the Washington Council of the Blind, as our guest of honor this year. Cindy is a very personable, intelligent lady dedicated to the causes concerning blind people, not only in the state of Washington, but across the nation. You'll enjoy getting to know her while she is with us.


Our convention dates are Friday, October 17, Saturday, October 18, and Sunday October 19. The State board meeting will be at 4:P.M. on Friday, general session on Saturday, and business meeting on Sunday.


In addition to our special guest, Cindy Van Winkle, we will have two other special people speaking. One is Nkenge Harmon Johnson, communications director for the governor's office, the other is her husband, Erious Johnson, Civil Rights Director, from the Attorney General's office.


We'll have speakers from state agencies, Commission for the Blind, Oregon state library, and Scott McCallum, blind student fund Administrator. Also, we'll be highlighting music in the blind community for this convention, with a panel of individuals talking about their particular talent and skills as musicians.


So plan to come to the Salem Red Lion in October for a good time! As of today, Friday, September 5th, the registration forms are in the mail, with hotel and meal information included. Room rates are $85 for a single bed, and $95 for a double, breakfast is included with the room price. To get in on the convention room rates be sure to make your reservation by October 1. The Red Lion hotel number is 503-370-7888.


It is vitally important that you return your registration and make your reservations as soon as you can; we need the information on attendees as soon as possible. Thank you, and I hope to see all of you in October!


Nominating Committee and Elections

This year we will be electing District Representatives. There are three positions, District One; District Two and District Three. If you want to run for one of these positions, or nominate someone, please contact John Fleming, Chair of the Nominating Committee. Please note, you must obtain permission in order to nominate individuals. John may be reached at (503) 432-7444 or


*** It's Time for a Ho-Down

Submitted by Patrick Schwab


Howdy Pawdners! It's roundup time! We are putting on a chuck wagon dinner and western music ho-down

with some of our favorite Country Western tunes. Come in your best western duds and boots and join the fun. Tickets are available at the Salem Greene Mobile Estates office or through Bob Rushing, (503-364-4151). The cost is only $8.00 for the best Potato Bar west of Dodge City. And, of course, we will have Cattle Trail Campfire Coffee and Lemonade that tastes like the camp cook just rustled it up.


The Chuck Wagon opens at 6:00 p.m. with the ho-down to follow.


Mark your calendars for September 13th. All proceeds will be split between the American Council of the Blind of Oregon and Willamette Chapter. We look forward to seeing you at the ol' Clubhouse (4730 Auburn Dr. NE, Salem, Oregon).


Lady Sue and the Coffin Dodgers (Willamette Chapter members.)


*** The winner of the $20 Amazon gift card for the fall 2014 issue of the ACBO Stylus


Is, is, is… I can’t tell you yet, there is so much info I have to get out first, so keep reading


*** Library Corner

By Jeanne-Marie Moore


This is an important announcement which might assist people throughout our country. This is printed with permission from Talking Book and Braille Library. I BILL® CURRENCY READER


As an interim measure in advance of the issuing of tactile-enhanced Federal Reserve notes, the National Library Service has agreed to partner with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in distributing its iBill® currency readers. The pocket-sized readers slide right over the top of U.S. currency banknotes only, and provide audio feedback for the value of the bill. These currency readers are being distributed free to qualifying individuals.


The National Library Service is scheduled to begin distributing currency readers to users who are blind or visually impaired later this year.  Only registered Talking Books users can get one of the currency readers before December 31, 2014. In January 2015, the program will open to all U.S. residents and U.S. citizens living abroad who are blind or visually impaired. The devices will not be available until late fall, but you can contact us now to express your interest in getting one.  Your name and address will be kept on file so that a currency reader can be sent to you when it becomes available.  Please call us at 800-452-0292, email us at, or write to us at Talking Books, Oregon State Library, 250 Winter St NE, Salem, OR 97301. For additional questions or comments about the U.S. Currency Reader Program you may call the Bureau of Engraving and Printing at (844) 815-9388 toll-free or email


*** Next Focus Membership Call, Sep. 29th

Our next ACB membership focus call will be held on September 29 at 5:30 pm Pacific/8:30 pm Eastern. Melanie Brunson will be sharing information about 501 C 3 status for organizations, both getting one and retaining the status. The call-in number will be 712-775-7000 and passcode 640009. We look forward to having you on the call.


*** July 26, 2014 ACB of Oregon Board Meeting Summary

By Secretary Darian Slayton Fleming


President James called the meeting to order at 10:01 A.M. Officers Present: James Edwards, Sue Staley, Darian Slayton Fleming, Loretta Spahn, Bob Johnson, Teresa Christian and Jeanne-Marie Moore.

Guests Present: Joan Hill, John Fleming, Pat Wallace, Pat and Sue Schwab, Bob and Bev Rushing, Alexa Golden and Dick Kohl.


James called for a moment of silence in recognition of the passings of Mary Reid and Jan Chance. Condolences also were given to Bob Johnson for the passing of his daughter.


James called for approval of the agenda which was granted.


Next, President Edwards called for the appointment of Teresa Christian to succeed Deb Nichols, who has resigned, as Editor of “The Stylus”. Loretta Spahn moved to accept Teresa as the new Editor of “The Stylus”. Jeanne-Marie seconded the motion. The motion passed.


President Edwards called for approval of the April Board Meeting Minutes. Loretta made a motion to accept, seconded by Jeanne-Marie; the motion carried.


Treasurer Report: For the reporting period June 1-June 30, 2014, ACB of Oregon brought forward a balance of $16,426.14. Bank interest earned was $0.14. Dues of $10.00 were received. Total deposit was $10.14. Total expenses equaled $131.18. The ending balance was $16,305.10.


Jeanne-Marie made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report which was by Sue Staley. The motion carried.

Treasurer, Loretta Spahn, prepares in depth Treasurer Reports and Profit and Loss Statements. To receive copies of these contact Loretta at (541) 591-4110 or E-mail her at (Please note, this is Loretta’s new and preferred E-mail address.)


Correspondence: Darian summarized the resignation letter, sent to the entire board, by Deb Nichols. Darian also mentioned the emails advising members of the passings of Mary Reid and Jan Chance.


District 1: Teresa Christian reported that the Multnomah Chapter has held several successful Burgerville fund-raisers. They have two scheduled for August 3 and 9. Members of their chapter attended the Metro PDX Self Defense Workshop. They also sponsored a member to join the Centennial Lions.


Metro PDX: The chapter has 19 members. Teresa Christian is taking on the job of Editor of “The Stylus”. Chapter Members Tyanne and Allan got married. Four people from Metro PDX went to the ACB Convention in Las Vegas. Darian accepted the ACB’s Public Relations Committee Certificate of Congratulations for Special Events that Get Results for the WISE Project. Fund-raisers through coffee sales, Burgerville and Eddie’s Flat Iron Pizza are going well. Sometimes the fund-raisers double as socials since the members enjoy going out together at least once a month. Socials have included eating at the Newport Seafood Grill, Jenga night and playing WE game at Tyanne and Allan’s. The chapter also held a very successful Self Defense Workshop. The chapter is partnering with other communities to hold a White Cane Safety Day tentatively planned for Hollywood Fred Meyer, Wednesday October 15, 2014. The chapter also plans to repeat the WISE Project.


The Pioneer Chapter continues to meet socially. There are five members. They have a picnic scheduled for August 2nd at their president’s house.


The Columbia Chapter is small. John Holmes is experiencing health difficulties. The chapter meets at the VA Center to accommodate John.


District 2: Jeanne-Marie reported that the Emerald Valley Chapter has six members. Beginning in September, the chapter will meet on the third Monday of each month from 2 to 4 at Lane Independent Living Agency (LILA). It is hoped this will result in improved Attendance.


Regarding the Willamette Chapter, Jeanne-Marie gave condolences to Bob Johnson on the passing of his daughter. The chapter will hold a Fund-Raiser on September13. It will be a Country Western Musical with dinner at the Salem Green Estates. The cost will be $8 per ticket. Tickets may be purchased in advance from Pat Schwab and Bob Rushing. Funds from this effort will be shared with ACB of Oregon.


They have a picnic and penny auction planned for August 1, at 11:30, at the Salem Green Estates.


The Klamath Chapter has experienced a lot of losses. Jan Chance was one of the original founders.


District 3: James Edwards reported that the Dunes Park Chapter is struggling.


The Southwestern Chapter has canceled their August picnic. They still have candy for sale.


Committee Reports:

Commission for the Blind Report: Patricia Kepler sent a written Commission Report that James read. There is a Commission meeting scheduled for August 1st from 3 to 5 P.M.


Talking Book and Braille Services: Jeanne-Marie reported that TBABS will meet on August 12 from 10 to 2:30 in Salem. They are reviewing TBABs activities. They are reviewing their brochures. Sending books through the mail is one of their most expensive activities. The library has formed a society for those who plan to leave bequests to the library; they give those people talking clocks as gifts for their generosity. If people wish to leave bequests to the library, please let them know. She reported that the Legislature is happy with the program’s money management. Darian asked if the library is considering developing a listing of described movies on DVD; Jeanne-Marie will look into this. Consideration is being given to changing the name of the library. She encourages patrons to write to them to express opinions about a name change or to give input about existing or desired services. Jeanne-Marie writes a Library Corner for “The Stylus”.


Fund-Raising: There was no report. Loretta thanked chapters for sending their donations.


Membership: John Fleming reported that ACB of Oregon was seated at the ACB National with proper votes. Proper information was turned in on time. We have 184 members. Loretta was asked to send brochures to Jeanne-Marie and all chapter presidents.


Bylaws: Leonard Kokel and Ron Whelchel are working on proposals. Corrections need to be made to Article 5’s Officers and section 10regarding geographic districts. Also needed is discussion about terms for blindness. Proposals will be written and published in “The Stylus” and presented at the convention.


Website: Patrick Schwab reported. Passing of members may be posted on the website.


Patrick is working on developing a shopping cart or way to pay dues and make donations through our host site, Network Solutions, so we won’t need to use Pay Pal. He has paid the fee for renewal of our domain name and host site.


Stylus: Jeanne-Marie made a motion to appoint Teresa Christian to the position of Editor of “The Stylus”. Loretta seconded the motion and it carried. In June, 27 CD’s, 48 large print and 72 email issues of “The Stylus” were sent out.


Teresa Proposed format changes. She envisions “The Stylus” as a tool to unify the state and for membership recruitment. She is working on ideas to motivate article submissions through a Contest. This may be a drawing for a prize among the people who submit articles. Loretta suggested writing articles about founding members. Jeanne-Marie suggested including the ACB of Oregon’s mission statement. Loretta suggested including instructions for subscribing to the Oregon-L List. The deadline for submissions is August 25. The board agreed that Teresa could reduce the print size to 18 point to save space and include more material.


Convention Committee: Pat Schwab reminded us that this will be our 60th convention. The convention will take place October 17-19, 2014. The board meeting will be at 4:00 on Friday. Sue Staley and the Willamette Chapter will communicate about vendors and Sue will secure them. Vendor setup will be on Friday and exhibits will be open at 11:30 on Saturday. Vendors will be listed in the program. A preliminary agenda will be posted on the website. Saturday activities will include a possible speaker from Governor Kitzhaber’s office. The Oregon Attorney General’s Office Civil Rights Director may give a presentation. President Edwards will confirm whether there will be a presentation about Eye Research Presentations in the afternoon will be given by the Commission for the Blind, Talking Book and Braille Services and Scott McCallum from the Northwest Regional Program regarding blind students in Oregon. There will also be a presentation about the status of Howard Hall on the former campus of the Oregon School for the Blind. A panel about blind musicians is also scheduled. There will be the usual membership business meeting on Sunday.


The Registration fee is $50. Darian has again secured in kind printing of the program from Central Blueprint in Eugene.


Old Business: Howard Hall has been designated as a city of Salem historical landmark. However, the hospital wants to tear it down. The hospital is applying to remove its historical status. The Historical Society heard their requests and unanimously voted against it. The City Council had a meeting to consider overturning this decision. However, the meeting went too long. It was continued to Monday at 6:30 PM at City Hall. Pat Schwab stated that he anticipates the decision will be overturned.


New Business: Darian suggested that the Oregon Scholarship be renamed the Oregon Mary Reid Memorial Scholarship. This will be discussed at the membership meeting on Sunday of convention weekend. Discussion of naming the Student Stipend was also tabled.


We also discussed streaming of our conventions. Rogue Valley Chapter member, Mickey Quenzer, may be able to do this. Since he was not in attendance at this meeting, this discussion was tabled.


President Edwards stated that he was approached by Art Stevenson of NFB about circulating a petition to support the funding for the Commission for the Blind. The petition would be submitted to the Commission and the Governor. The petition could be posted on our website. Loretta made a motion that we empower President Edwards to work with Art and the NFB to come to an agreement on the petition and post it on our website. The motion was seconded by Jeanne-Marie and it passed.


Darian discussed the Grant Application. Jeanne-Marie urged adding wording about the reason handwriting is unacceptable. Darian will do this and submit the revised grant application to Pat Schwab to post on the website in place of the previous version.


Guest Comments: John Fleming suggested that Teresa post information about our chapters and their meetings in “The Stylus”. He also urged chapter presidents and treasurers to submit membership changes as they occur.


The meeting was adjourned to Executive Session to consider a grant request.


*** (This is hot) Here are some tips for computer,  and/or I phone users

By John A. Fleming


Taken From Top Tech Tidbits

1. This is a well-designed page with tutorials for new users of VoiceOver on the i Phone or i Pad, including separate guidance for each device:

2) This guide from WebAIM instructs on Using VoiceOver to Evaluate Web Accessibility:

3) This article from the Assistive Technology Blog is called "The Blind Photographer: What Does He See?":

4) Fedora Outlier has launched the iOS Master Series for $19.95, offering resources for current users and plans to give quick and comprehensive instruction on iOS8 when it appears:

5) Speaking of iOS 8, pre-orders are now open for Jonathan Mosen's book, "iOS 8 Without the Eye", which will be released on the same day Apple releases iOS 8. The book costs $19.95:

6) From RNIB comes the post "5 Reasons Why You Need Twitter if You're Blind or Partially Sighted":

7) David Woodbridge has written a book, "iSee - Getting the Most out of Your Apple Product's from a Blind Person's Perspective". It is now freely downloadable in HTML:

8) The HowToGeek site offers us "7 Features You'll Get If You Upgrade to the Professional Edition of Windows 8":

9) "How to Create a Strong Password (And Remember It)":


*** A Quick Word from the Rogue Valley Chapter

Submitted by Ron Whelchel


We were able to have a group of 18 attend another play in Ashland in May. This one was a zany comedy Called “Coconuts” and it was taken from an old Marx Brothers movie by the same name. John and Darian Fleming were visiting in the area and we were glad to have them join us. Also, we have had two great musicals in past years, “The Music Man” and “My Fair Lady”, and next year we can look forward to the production of “Guys and Dolls”.


We had our annual picnic in June again this year and had a great meal of chicken, ribs and a variety of side dishes.  We had a great “Penny Auction” and some fantastic entertainment by Constance and K.C. Frankland.

We were also pleased to have James Edwards and Sonnie Heddon with us again this year. That’s all for now from the Valley of The Rogue.


*** City's Howard Hall demo decision appealed to state board

(Reprinted from the “Salem Statesman Journal” Sep. 3 2014)

Submitted by Patrick Schwab


Salem City Council's decision to allow the demolition of Howard Hall to proceed has been challenged. Beverly Rushing, a former resident of Howard Hall, on Tuesday, September 3, 2014, submitted a "Notice of Intent to Appeal" to the state's Land Use Board of Appeals. The LUBA appeal will contest a city council decision, made in July, that cleared the way for Howard Hall's destruction.


For Rushing, Howard Hall was a second home when she was growing up. The dormitory at 700 Church Street SE is the last remaining building on the former Oregon State School for the Blind campus.


The thought of Howard Hall's demolition "breaks my heart," Rushing said. Howard Hall, which was built in the 1920s, has too much historic significance for the city to allow it to be razed, she said.


RELATED: Complete coverage of Howard Hall

In July, Salem City Council voted to overturn a Historic Landmarks Commission decision to protect Howard Hall.


The hospital has the right to intervene in the LUBA appeal, but hasn't made a decision on how it will respond, said Mark Glyzewski, a hospital spokesman.


Salem City Attorney Dan Atchison said the council had wide discretion under city code in its review of the Historic Landmarks Commission's ruling on Howard Hall.


"We feel comfortable with the decision," he said.


Rushing's notice to appeal to LUBA doesn't address her argument for overturning the city's decision. That will come at a later date when she files a brief with LUBA.


The notice to LUBA triggers a 21-day period when the city must provide written records to Rushing and LUBA. Rushing has asked for city records in an audible form. City officials said they would comply with the request.


Howard Hall was designed by John V. Bennes, who is best known for work on the Oregon State University Campus. The state's historic preservation office noted in a May 6 letter to the city that Bennes is "highly regarded for his residential design."



Howard Hall poised for destruction


In 2010, Salem Hospital bought the former Oregon School for the Blind campus from the state. The hospital paid $6 million for the approximately 8.22 acre property, which once had 10 major structures.


*** Who is B.E.S.T.?

Hi, my name is Randy Hauth, and in late 2010, I formed BEST-Blind Employment Services of Tomorrow, for the purpose of strengthening the organized efforts of advocacy within the Business Enterprise Program (BEP) here in Oregon. At that time, the intention was to work primarily with the Licensed Blind Vendors through the Business Enterprise Program of Oregon. We were under assault from not only the Oregon Commission for the Blind, but also from the Healthy Vending legislative initiatives that seemed to pop up every day. It was clear that unless we found a way to have our voice heard in Salem, we were not going to survive. Therefore, we needed to stand up in a professional and organized fashion.  That is exactly what we did. We reached out by networking and engaging the assistance of Human Resource Experts, Legal experts, Legislative Lobbyists, & other Business Professionals. we grew our circle and it helped us make a difference.


Over the past several years, BEST has been an outspoken advocate for Quality Rights and Quality Employment for persons who are blind. I have always believed that knowledge is power and there is strength in numbers. As such, BEST not only works hard to help persons who are blind understand their rights afforded to them through State services, but as well helps them navigate the system of Vocational Rehabilitation. With that said, what I can tell you is this, while BEST was initially formed as a resource for  assistance for the Blind Vendors here in Oregon, it soon became extremely clear that others were seeking our advocacy efforts on their behalf. As such, BEST has assisted with those requests to the BEST of our ability.


BEST is a non partisan organization that helps those who are blind, regardless of their organizational affiliation, better understand their rights and how to exercise them as they apply to Quality State services and Quality Employment. If you or someone you know needs advocacy, &/or wishes to learn more about BEST, please contact me, Randy Hauth at 503-317-3852


*** The winner of the $20 Amazon gift card for the fall 2014 issue of the ACBO Stylus

Is, is, is… I can’t tell you yet, keep reading


*** Metro PDX Chapter News

Greetings to All. Metro PDX is really coming into its own. We have wonderful, enthusiastic members who are willing to share in the work of our organization. We have a weekly newsletter called “Metro PDX Rap” that is sent out to members about what’s happening with chapter members and interesting announcements about activities in the Portland area and beyond. We will soon be publishing much of this information on an announcements E-mail list that will be shared on the Oregon-L list and beyond. If you would like to subscribe to this list, you may send an E-mail to our web master:


Our self defense workshop that took place in June also served as a vehicle for getting new members. We are back up to 19 members again.


We are so proud of our own Teresa Christian. She has taken on leadership roles as ACB of Oregon’s District One Representative and Editor of “The Stylus”. Congratulations, Teresa for producing this, your first issue.


On August 6th, we had another successful Burgerville fund-raiser. Thanks to Pat Wallace for spearheading this effort.


On August 30th, Darian and John Fleming hosted a Family Jenga Night. Jenga is a game of blocks that are stacked quite high. The object is to find a loose block and remove it without causing the tower to fall. Laughing when it falls is every bit as fun as the challenge of removing the blocks. Families in the Portland area who experience blindness gathered together to share pizza and fellowship. Nonchapter members were invited. It is our hope to bring more young people into our chapter or to support families to form a Cyber Chapter of the ACB of Oregon.


Our socials continue to be a major highlight for our members. We usually go out to eat. On September 3rd, we gathered at The Wooden Chicken Pub to eat and play Life-Size Jenga. We are afraid John and Darian have gotten us hooked on Jenga. We are contemplating going farther afield such as to a vineyard for wine tasting, to Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City or to Seattle to hear music or to Pike Street Market. These socials engage members and provide greater cohesiveness for our group.


At our September 3rd social, Darian got permission from the pub staff to shoot a short video segment about how welcoming they are. This video will be part of a larger video project she is participating in through the Leadership Academy, a project of a Portland organization called The Coalition Connecting Communities. The video, called “Inclusive Community in Action” will be posted on You Tube upon its completion.


One of our other chapter members, Desiree Christian, also participates in this year’s Leadership Academy. She and her team will be presenting about disability Awareness at the Metropolitan Learning Center where Desiree’s daughters attend school.


At the end of September we will be providing a cooking class for students ages ten through high school who are blind and live in the Portland area. Students will learn how to read and follow recipes, cutting and chopping, measuring and mixing, stovetop and oven safety and table etiquette. At the end of the day they will serve the meal to volunteers and family members. They will go home with shopping lists and recipes so they can continue to practice what they learn. Thanks to Patricia, Tyanne and Allan for working on this project.


The Pioneer Place Mall has agreed to host our Winter Independence Shopping Experience (WISE) again. This will be our second annual WISE event. We hope this will be repeated annually.

We wish you all a wonderful autumn and happy meeting.

*** Thoughts About Life Enrichment

By Jeanne-Marie Moore

Yesterday I attended the last part of a Fun-Day held at Oral Hull Park which is run by the Oral Hull Foundation for the Blind. I had never been there before. I particularly enjoyed the two fountains, the fragrances in the garden and the amazing wooden gazebo. I did not have time to take a full tour, but I am determined to go back and learn more. It seems like a beautiful place and I bet some readers of “The Stylus” have participated at camp. How about letting us hear your experiences? I think recreation and community are both very important pieces of general health. When I go to camp, you can bet I'll write something about it!


*** Alright, the moment you have been waiting for, drum roll please. The winner of the $20 Amazon gift card is, umm, hut-hum, is, oops, I’m so excited I dropped the envelope, okay I’ve got it now. The winner is Deb Nichols! Woohoo! Congratulations. Please call me as soon as you read this and I will get it to you ASAP.


*** Proposed Bylaw Changes to be Discussed at the Sunday Convention Business Meeting

Submitted by President James Edwards


A bylaw change was proposed to the board in April concerning the article on District Representatives of ACBO. The change is actually a constitution change instead of a bylaw change. Article V of our constitution, under the heading of "District Representatives", section "A' , now reads; "One Representative, who shall be blind, shall be elected to each designated geographic district. The Board of Directors may, from time to time, designate a geographic district.


The geographic districts are: District 1:Columbia, Metro PDX, Multnomah, Pioneer, and Willamette Chapters.

District 2: Southwestern, South Coast, Dunes Park, and Lane County Chapters.

District 3: Klamath and Rogue Valley Chapters.


We are proposing to change the wording to read; "One Representative who shall be LEGALLY BLIND, shall be elected to each designated geographic district.


The board of Directors may from time to time, designate a geographic district. (And delete the names of the chapters included in each district).


We also are proposing to change the wording in the Definition of District Representative, The article now reads:

"Definition: To insure proper communications between the Executive Board and individual chapters to insure board representation of the Membership on the Executive Board, geographic districts, including at least three (03) local chapters shall be created by the Executive Board. The Executive Board may from time to time define and refine the boundaries of these districts. The membership may, but need not approve, reject, or modify, as the case may be, the Executive Board's action in regards to represented districts."


We would like to amend the wording, "at least three (03) chapters", to read, "at least two (02), or more chapters".

We should also change the word "insure" to "ensure".


This article is for information purposes only. We will discuss the changes at our Sunday business meeting.


*** Remember the drawing for the December Christmas issue is for a $20 Walmart gift card so be sure to get your submissions to me by November 25th. Watch for reminders in the Oregon-l list.



Thanks for reading the Fall 2014 issue of the Stylus

May you always have enough!

In love and light, your happy editor, Teresa Christian