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James Edwards, President, ACB of O

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Greetings to All:

By James Edwards, President, ACBO


A friend of mine told me recently that he is looking forward to retiring in a couple of years. I told him he should keep working at his nine to five job, because at least he has his weekends off, and after you retire, you become so busy you can't take a day off! At least, that's how it is with me, and a lot of others I know. It's difficult to find time to sit down and write an article for the Stylus, or do anything else on my computer at this time of year.

I hope all are doing well and making plans for summer fun. If you don't have any specific plans, you might consider going to Las Vegas in July and attending a few days of the national convention. It's such a short trip by plane or even by driving, that it may be something you can do. It would be great to have a large delegation from Oregon at the national convention this year.


Our state convention will be a lot of fun when we meet in October. We are planning a lot of musical social time this year, so bring your singing voice and your musical instruments when you come to Salem in October. We do not have a speaker from our national board because they will be attending their national board meeting during that same weekend. But, we do have a very special guest attending as our keynote speaker. She is the President of the Washington Council of the Blind, Cindy Van Winkle. Cindy has been very active in the Washington Council and on the national level for several years and has a lot of knowledge and experience to share. I'm sure you all will enjoy having Cindy at our convention.


I'm happy to know we have at least two cases of advocacy happening this year.

One is the Willamette Chapter actively advocating to save Howard Hall, the  last remaining building of the school for the blind. No doubt, without their intervention, the building would have been demolished and all traces of the school would be forever gone. It may happen anyway, but because of members of the Willamette chapter participating in the effort to save the hall, there will be some sort of memorial to the school to forever remind people of the buildings that once stood on those grounds and changed the lives of so many blind people. Thank you, Willamette Chapter!


Another case of ACBO advocating comes from the Southwestern Chapter. On the South Coast, public transportation is very costly, sporadic, or not very reliable. In an effort to make transportation options a little more viable, Leonard Kokel has been working with other disabled groups and members of the transportation business in the area to see what can be done. The issue is still under discussion, but without people like Leonard, and ACBO, nothing will change. We have to open a dialogue with those who can make changes happen.

I hope you all have a great summer. I'll see you all in October, and some of you at your annual picnics or other social functions.


ACB of Oregon Board Meeting Minutes

April 19, 2014:


President Edwards called the meeting to Order at 10:04 A.M. Officers Present: President, James Edwards; First Vice-President, Sue Staley; Second Vice-President, Leonard Kokel; Secretary, Darian Slayton Fleming; Treasurer, Loretta Spahn;  District 1 Representative, Teresa Christian; District 2 Representative, Jeanne-Marie Moore and District 3 Representative,  Samantha Orchard.


Guests Present:  Dick Kohl, John Fleming, Randy Hauth, Pat Wallace and Pat Schwab.


The agenda was approved.


Treasurer’s Report: In March 2014, ACB of O. brought a balance Forward of $ 6,311.09. Total Expenses were $1,870.00. The ending balance was $4,556.14. In April 2014, the beginning balance was $4,556.14. Total Expenses were $ 477.79. The ending balance was $4,123.39. For complete Treasurer Reports contact Loretta Spahn, Treasurer at (541) 591-4110 or




Darian read part of a letter from ACB President and former ACB of Oregon President, Kim Charlson supporting efforts to preserve Howard Hall.


Since we were on the subject of Howard Hall, Pat Schwab summarized meetings they had about it. The meeting was also attended by Tom Anderson, President of the Neighborhood Association, along with two representatives from the hospital. Some observations: The hospital’s position was that they didn’t close the school, the state did. They say they are following laws to unclassify Howard Hall as a historic site. The hospital wishes to remove the building, Howard Hall, building because maintaining it would be too cumbersome. They don’t want to preserve the building as a whole. They want to put in a play area and garden. They are open to suggestions. The Willamette Chapter would prefer that some architecture be maintained. They don’t want just a plaque but something significant such as preservation of the archway. Pat stated that he feels they recognize that we want something to represent the memory. James reiterated that it is important they know our stance. Pat Schwab Will attend a meeting on 4-22 to represent the interests of the blind.

District Reports:

District 1: Teresa stated that the Columbia Chapter has 3 members who meet socially. The Pioneer Chapter has 5 members and meet to socialize.


The Multnomah Chapter is doing well with their Burgerville Fund-Raisers. Their next one is June 7th.


The Metro PDX Chapter will hold its first Burgerville Fund-Raiser on May 6th. They are organizing a Self Defense Workshop scheduled for June 21st. Metro PDX is partnering with the Multnomah Chapter to bring this event to fruition. The biggest need is publicity.


District 2: Jeanne-Marie reported that the Emerald Valley Chapter held a meeting about a Way-finding system that is being installed at the Lane Transit Station. It is difficult to navigate due to barriers. They met with architects and Lane Transit District and gave them a tour of the station from their point of view. This was very successful. Ken Riverneider did a great job. The chapter held an Ear Birding event on April 18. 


The Emerald Valley Chapter is holding a Fund-Raiser at Track Town Pizza on April 28th. They would appreciate any assistance with publicity.


Their next meeting is on April 25.


Jeanne-Marie stated that the Klamath Chapter is dwindling and they need more support.


District 3: Samantha Orchard stated she hasn’t visited chapters. Rogue Valley is having an Applebee’s Fund-Raiser on May 28th. They will hold a Potluck June 28 in the Pavilion.


Dunes Park News: Sunnie Hedden has breast cancer.


The Southwestern Chapter is continuing to sell candy. They will have a picnic August 9th at Sunset Park. Samantha is having back surgery and may not attend the July Board Meeting.



Commissioner: Patricia Kepler did not attend the meeting to give a report; James gave some information. The Rehabilitation Service Administration is coming to the Commission to review their performance. Leonard Kokel and Sherrie Woods will speak on behalf of ACB of Oregon.


2014  Legislative Issues: Randy Hauth reported there were few issues related to blindness concerns. One significant issue was hb4157, sponsored by the ways and means Committee, to abolish Oregon Industries for the Blind and related funds.


Fund-Raising: The committee recommends we work with Willamette Chapter to sell decals. Willamette Chapter has developed a decal for their chapter. Pat put together a prototype, and the company improved it. Its different ideas show representational Braille; its size is around 3 inches across and it lights up at night. It says ACBO in the center and Willamette chapter at the bottom.


Chapters earn $8 for each decal sold; there is no cost to the chapter or the state. Other chapters may wish to design their own decals. The company can substitute other organization names at the bottom. You may also purchase sports teams or other logos.


Pat Schwab can help or put us in touch with the company for help with graphic arts. Pat will send the website address to those who wish to have it.


Pat also reported that the Willamette Chapter is planning a Fund-Raiser for September 13 at Salem Green.  There will be country western entertainment. They plan to share the profits with the state.


Membership: John Fleming reported that Chapters are updated and certified and seated with national. Joan reported we have 189 members but our certification is for 176 including those counted by the March deadline. ACB has a new database with some problems to be resolved.


Bylaws Committee: Leonard is reviewing our bylaws. He has asked Ron Whelchel to serve on the committee. Contact Leonard if you have suggestions.


Pat Schwab reported that he is still looking for content. There is no redesign yet. Emerald Valley now has space on the site. The site is functional and working.


“The Stylus”: Teresa Christian reported we sent out 43 large print, 24 CD and 77 by e-mail in March. The next deadline is May 25.


Convention Committee: Pat Schwab reported that committees have been established. Darian reported that Central BluePrint in Eugene has agreed to produce the program in large print again this year as an in kind donation valued at around $300.


Jeanne-Marie reported that she has signed up to serve on their Endowment Committee. The TBABS also held a volunteer recognition. The next meeting of the advisory committee to TBABS is in May.


New Business:


Darian discussed some issues with ACBO’s Grant Application. It was decided to revise the application to say that requests must be received by the 1st of January, April, July and October in order to be considered by the Board. In addition, no handwritten applications will be accepted. Applications must be completed in typewritten form or on a word processor. Applications may be sent via E-mail with hard copies mailed as well to the secretary. Darian and Loretta will revise the form.


Stylus: Loretta pointed out that Board Meetings need to be published in each issue of “The Stylus”. Darian will be sure this is done.


Due to several board members attending the ACB National Convention, the next board meeting will take place on Saturday July 26th rather than July 19. The meeting will be called to order at 10:00 A.M. This will be a conference call. The call in phone number is:

(712) 432-0490

The access Code is:



The meeting was adjourned.



ACB of Oregon Profit and Loss Statement

By Loretta Spahn

Reporting Period:  January 1 – April 30, 2014


Interest Chase Checking 0.24

Interest Chase Market 23.19

Interest Wells Savings 8.22

Wedbush Bond Interest 3,905.93

Wedbush Equities Income 3,321.65

Wedbush Expense Investment -0.00

Wedbush Cash Interest 2.85

Total Investment Income 7,262.08 20,000.00


Convention Income 0.00

Convention Student Donation 0.00

Donation Affiliate chapter 15.00

Donation General 0.00

Membership 2014 Paid dues 870.00

Vehicle Donation Program 0.00 700.00

TOTAL INCOME 8,147.08 20,700.00



Liability Insurance 425.00 475.00

President ACB Convention 0.00 1,000.00

Telephone board 0.00 25.00

Travel board 1,340.89 2,000.00

TOTAL Board Operating 1,765.89 3,500.00


General Operating

Bank Charge 20.00

bookkeeping 260.00 2,500.00

Compilation Year 0.00 900.00

Corporation Fees 50.00 200.00

Office Supplies 29.78 400.00

TOTAL General Operating 359.78 4,000.00


Members Education

Membership Printing 0.00 100.00

Postage & Mailing 0.00 100.00

Stylus 65.59 700.00

Web Page 0.00 200.00

TOTAL Members Education 65.59 1,100.00


Members Support

Awards 0.00 100.00

Chapter startup 0.00 0.00

TOTAL Members Support 0.00 100.00


Membership Expense dues 890.00


Program Expenses

Convention ACB O 1,031.95 6,000.00

Grants 0.00 2,500.00

Oregon Scholarship 3,500.00 3,500.00

TOTAL Program Expenses 4,531.95 12,000.00


Vehicle Donation Expense

Phone Vehicle Donation 0.00

TOTAL Vehicle donation 0.00 0.00



TOTAL EXPENSES 7,613.21 20,700.00




Raising Funds

By Patrick Schwab


Folks-- the Willamette Chapter PowerDecal site is now up. Go to To check out the decal. The Chapter gets $8.00 per decal sold be it the ACB of Oregon

- Willamette Chapter or a sports team decal. Check out the site.





 • Ever felt worried while waiting at a bus or MAX stop?

 • Ever been in an elevator with a stranger and felt concerned?

 • Ever had an unknown person put their hand on you or your

 Belongings, and wondered what they were up to?

 We strongly urge VIPs to take this workshop designed especially for visually impaired persons to learn how to respond to a physical threat

and feel safer in their daily travels.

 Stan Miller has been teaching martial arts for thirty years and has

developed a self defense system especially for visually impaired

People. He can adapt

the system to whatever your individual physical limitations may be.

 In this workshop you will learn:

 • Signs to look for to determine if you are safe or not

 • Confidence to make someone think twice about

approaching you with evil intent

 • Verbal skills to ward off an attack

 • Some Simple techniques to protect yourself

 When - Saturday June 21, 2014 from 10:00 am to noon.

 Cost - $10    (Only 20 seats available)

 Register by June 14th in order to reserve your spot.

 Where - 4030 NE Broadway, Portland

 *For more info and to register

or call Teresa at 971-322-8462.


Library Corner

By Jeanne-Marie Moore

TBABS is hard at work keeping us all literate. I attended an Advisory Council meeting on May 21, 2014. We meet once a quarter, and I missed the January meeting so it was good to be back. There's so much to discuss about the library I kind of don't know where to begin. First of all, you can contact the library for a password and user code to examine the online catalog and learn everything you've read, plus see what else is available.

 I am only a beginner at doing this, and I could find a book title I wanted to share. I will write more about this in the next Stylus. It's got a lot of potential because you can actually track what you've read. Most of the things are on BARD and, so if there's a particular book you want permanently, then you could download it. I know that's what I'm going to do. Some books are just either too technical, more work, or more an easy read and I know it would be better to have no due date with them. BARD provides this option since you can keep books and not return them.


I also want to say that NFB Newsline has a lot of different things besides newspapers. I know the AARP Bulletin is in there and many other magazines. So do call and investigate what's there.


First, contact the library: (800) 452-0292 to get a password for the Newsline. The Newsline number is: (913) 904-0220. Follow the instructions for a password. I find this a convenient and helpful resource.



Emerald Valley Chapter Report

 Jeanne-Marie Moore, President

Our small but mighty chapter held the 50/50 fund-raiser for ourselves and the State organization on April 28th. We had most all of our paying members present and those who were not, did many things to help make it happen. So did some folks from other chapters who have relatives here in Eugene. Thanks so so much.

The fund-raiser was held at Track Town Pizza and, though they are very generous with their giving amount, (50%), I learned on the night of our fund-raiser that TWO events are always planned at a same time because so many people want to hold them there. I think the organization we were paired with was, shall we say, in a much better position than we were this year to do publicity and probably received a bit more than we did. But we all had fun and participated and understand more about what it takes to make it work. I am proud of our chapter.


We are also doing things related to "ear-birding" but that will be another article... Be in suspense until next time. (smileface.)


Metro PDX Chapter News

By Darian Slayton Fleming


It’s almost summertime again already. That means many of our chapter members will be paddling dragon boats for Rose Festival and other races. Go Blind Ambition and Sound Waves.


We have implemented a weekly newsletter “The Metro PDX Rap”. John Fleming won $20 in our contest for suggesting this name.


We are still in the fund-raising business. Our coffee from Mount Hood Roasters sold well, especially to ourselves. We had our first Burgerville fund-raiser on May 6th. We had a good turn-out of Metro PDX and Multnomah Chapter members. Our earnings were right around $140 including donations. We are not discouraged. Every nickel and dime helps. We hope to have additional fund-raisers at Burgerville and Eddie’s Flat Iron Pizza in July, August and September. Some of our funds will be used to assist chapter members who wish to attend the ACB National Conference/Convention.


In the mean time, we always have fun when we socialize together. After our meetings we go to the Ling Garden Restaurant, a short two block walk from our meeting location.  The service is excellent; those Chinese women treat us well. We plan to have dinner at the Newport Seafood Grill in June on the waterfront.  Some of us are going to see John Hiatt and Taj Mahal at the Oregon Zoo in August. In May, we had a fun social at the home of Tyanne and Allan. We learned how to bowl with the WE, ate pizza and visited.


Our next educational event will be self defense on June 21, 2014. We are partnering with the Multnomah Chapter to implement the workshop. Thanks to Teresa Christian, Tyanne Coverstone, Allan Wilmath, Bobi Earp and Sue Staley for their work on this project.


We wish you all a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you in October at the ACB of Oregon State Convention.


Rogue Valley Chapter

by Ron Whelchel

At our March Meeting one of our members, Ken Gerlitz, talked about a project he is starting.  Ken recently lost his guide dog due to cancer and because of health problems he cannot obtain a new dog through the normal process so he has purchased a puppy and plans to raise it and train it himself.  The dog is a “labradoodle” which is a crossbreed of a Labrador and a poodle.  He stated that this breed was started in Australia as a service dog for the blind.  Ken invited a breeder from Medford who brought two dogs and participated in the discussion.

For the April Program we had a return engagement of the father and daughter singing duo of Aaron and Jillian Johnson who provided us with a variety of “Bluegrass” music.  Jillian played the fiddle and Aaron accompanied her on the guitar.

At the May Meeting, we had Dennis Hotchkiss,a “Living History Player” from the Josephine County Historical Society.  Dennis portrayed Nathan Dodge, The first

Postmaster in Grants Pass.  He was able to put us in touch with a good part of our history.

The Rogue Community College Foundation has not been able to find a qualified legally blind student to receive our Education Grant this year but they said that they will keep trying.

We have a date to conduct the “Dine Out and Donate” program with Applebee’s restaurant and we will see how it turns out.

Our annual picnic will be on June 28th at 12:00 noon in Riverside Park.

That’s all for now from the Valley of The Rogue




I depend on you and say a big thank you to my contributors for the interesting and informative items I get from you.   I am especially indebted to the Stylus team, Teresa Christian, Darian Slayton Fleming, Sherrie Woods, and Steve Armbrust for their invaluable help.

I need your items for the fall issue by August 25. 


Deb Nichols

End of the summer 2014 Stylus.

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